Cowichan Fish & Game, Proud Community Supporter

Cowichan Fish & Game, Proud Community Supporter

In the past few months we’ve seen the Cowichan Fish & Game Association step up and give to several community groups such as the Learn to Fish and Salmon Release programs.

Recently they were at it again with the association president, Geoff Maxwell presenting the Cowichan Search & Rescue with a donation to aid the group in their life-saving activities.

CSAR Members Appreciate the Cowichan Fish & Game Support!

President Jeff Maxwell informed CSAR members that  what they are doing is commendable activity  as they are all volunteers giving freely of their time, with minimal gov’t. funding and relying solely on public donations, saying that ” Cowichan Fish & Game Association is honoured to be able to make this donation.”

According to Maxwell we should be on the lookout for the Cowichan Fish & Game Club to be making additional community support activities over the next few months.

“The Fish & Game Association is about what the name says, but at heart that’s really about our broader community, and we intend to support that where we can”, Maxwell said.

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