Cowichan Fish & Game Club Local Donor

Cowichan Fish & Game Club Local Donor

The Cowichan Fish & Game Association, a local staple since 1933, is about much more than being a gun range. The recent “Kids Learn to Fish Program” out at Chemainus Lake was a happy recipient of a generous donation from the club.

Geoff Maxwell, the Association President, says “These kinds of programs are important to our club. They help bring the younger generation into an enjoyment and appreciation of our natural environment.”

There has been a significant decline in hunting and fishing participation in BC in the past 30 years. In 1981 the Province issued 174,000 hunting licenses, a figure that dropped to 84,000 in 2004. While that number has rebounded to 97,000 in recent years it’s still slightly shy of the target of 100,000 the Province has for resident hunters.

A core of resident hunters and fishers are needed to help the Ministry manage wildlife levels and keep predator and prey populations in a stable balance. And groups like the Cowichan Fish and Game Association are doing their part by promoting awareness and knowledge for the current and next generation of outdoor enthusiasts.

“After all, ” says Maxwell, ” outdoor recreation promotes a better understanding of the natural environment and that is good for the long term of nature conservation. Helping kids learn to fish is fun, but making them aware from an early age about our natural resource is the important part, something that the Association has always promoted.”

Kids Learn to FishThe Cowichan Fish & Game Association is planning participation in a number of community events through donations and other support. 

More information can be found at their website at or contact Geoff Maxwell through the webpage.

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