What does anarchy have in common with democracy?

What does anarchy have in common with democracy?
If anyone is confusing the current insanity on display in Portland, Oregon as even being remotely related to democracy they totally misunderstand that all of our freedoms come with limits. What has happened in the once beautiful city is an American tragedy.  The once beautiful and peaceful City of Roses is now the city of unlawful squatters and anarchists.
Like him or hate him Donald Trump won the presidency fair and square. Peaceful protests are one thing and perfectly  legitimate in our democracy but what is going on in Portland in no way qualifies as democracy. This is thuggery, rebellion, lawbreaking and insanity and these people belong in jail. What has attacking a film crew, throwing rocks, various projectiles and bottles at police and smashing windows to do with peaceful democracy?
The majority of common sense people know the difference between a peaceful demonstration and a riot. It is precisely for this reason Trump won the election because the majority of Americans are common sense people who respect law and order. Which raises the question where is President Obama in all of this? Why are Hillary and Obama silent?
How and why does Bernie Sanders justify these lawless protests? Portland police say four people arrested are believed to be “criminal gang associates” Now don’t tell me these people are exercising their citizen “rights”. Police also found  “a stockpile of bricks and rocks” near the demonstrations in Pioneer Square. Vandalism and violence perpetrated by a splinter group of anarchists will cost Portland at least a million dollars.
It is high time the mainstream media demonstrated their love and respect for democracy and denounced or even refused to cover the anarchists and lawbreakers who obviously have no respect for decency, law and order or democracy. Adding fuel to the fire is beneath contempt and anarchy has zero to do with democracy.
Gerald Hall
Nanoose Bay, B.C.

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