Allison Brown at The Showroom March 23rd

Allison Brown at The Showroom March 23rd

Allison Brown’s sweet, powerful singing offers a captivating invitation to follow her down lonesome railroad lines, into abandoned buildings, back in time, to high above the stratosphere as she illustrates landscapes both strange and familiar with her newest collection of songs. Allison’s voice is experiencing an intense new elasticity as her instrument’s distinct tune and tone evolve with over twenty years of performance and her artistry as a writer is coming to fruition as her inhibitions dissolve with age.

Allison clears away the rubble of bad luck and bad decisions to reveal the beautiful decay left behind as she tears down the walls of her evolving songwriting on her third record, “Stitches And Incisions”. Sewing up five originals and three classics for an eight- song recording, “Stitches And Incisions” was recorded and co-produced by Andy Magoffin at the House Of Miracles in Preston, Ontario over sessions in May of 2013 and in June of 2015.

The title track, “All Our Emergencies” hops the chain-link fence into the abandoned Grace Hospital in Windsor, Ontario; where Allison’s own first breaths were drawn among generations of the area’s people, exploring the role of the now demolished building in the lives of the community and the scars left behind. A delicate waltz between a triumphant superhero and a lazy evil arch-villain dance through “You Enemy”, and love close enough to touch remains out of reach with an unrequited cross-border love song painted on the Detroit skyline in “Invisible Line”. “Model Railroad Town” was inspired by a film of the same name by Graeme Bachiu, and brings us to a world only as big as a ping-pong table
where time has stopped, but the train will always bring you back home. “Scavengers” is an anthem to the junkman, scrapping the night away in the wilds of forgotten industry, and the precious metals found deep in  the hearts of us all. “Stitches And Incisions” comes to a   close with three classic songs; Thomas A. Dorsey’s gospel  blues “Standing By The Bedside Of A Neighbour”, Butch Hancock’s “Boxcars” howling through an arrangement  that could have been played by the devil’s own bar band, and Percy Mayfield’s longing wish “Please Send Me Someone To Love” reflecting Allison’s recent exploration of the music of Dinah Washington and Sarah Vaughn.

Thursday, March 23rd ~ DUNCAN
Duncan Garage Showroom with Sweet Potato Brown
 ~ 7:30 PM~ Downstairs 131 Station Street ~ $12 Adv/$15 Door ~
Wednesday, April 5th ~ DUNCAN
~ Duncan Garage Showroom ~
7:30pm ~ Downstairs 131 Station Street ~ $12 Adv/$15 Door
Friday, April 7th ~ SALT SPRING ISLAND~ House Concert w/Bel (Dan Belgue) ~
email for details
You can find all the details about the whole tour on the Facebook event page:

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